Thursday, May 14, 2015

Literary Boyfriends Vol. 1

If you read as much as I do, you probably occasionally fantasize about literary characters and what it would be like to date them. There are three I would like to spotlight for the week:

  1. Edward Rochester from Jane Eyre - I have to choose a classic. Although he can be a bit douchey to Jane, you can't help but have a little crush on him. Yes, he does weird manipulative things (what was him dressing up as that gypsy?) and, yes, he is keeping a woman in his attic (and his wife at that), but there is something so charming. He is constantly described as plain and average, and so is Jane, but he is one you can't help but wonder about. He's rich, has a good house, is intense, and seems to genuinely care about Jane.
  2. Lane from Franny and Zooey - I know Lane seems like an odd choice for a boyfriend - he is the boy Franny is trying to break up with. She has fallen out of love with him and his boring ivy league education. But Franny is a spoiled brat and Lane wants to give her the world. I think we have all been on both sides of loving someone who doesn't return the feeling. Lane is sweet and reserved and a little weak, but there is something about him that makes me wonder.
  3. Amory Blane from This Side of Paradise - when that book closes with "I know myself and that is all' I just want to scream "KNOW ME TOO...KNOW ME TOO." This Side of Paradise brings us through Amory's boyhood and his young adulthood, including all of the relationships. I always think that if I date someone like Amory, I will be his Eleanor Savage, a ship that passes in the night. There will always be something there, lingering, but we will have been too stubborn to act on it.
Who are some of your literary boyfrieds?


  1. This is a great question. One would definetely have to be a man from a Jane Austen novel. On the one hand there is Mr. Darcy, which is Mr. Darcy (that's an explanation enough), and on the other hand I like Captain Wentworth from Persuasion too. Tough choice! My number two would be John Thornton from North and South. And third would be a manga character, named Tsuruga Ren from the Skip Beat.

    Aeriko @

    1. If I am going with a Pride and Prejudice character, I am actually a Bingley fan, but my number 1 Jane Austen crush would have to be Hanry Tilney from Northanger Abbey.