Monday, April 27, 2015

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

As part of my blog, I am going to do book reviews on Mondays. I haven't been feeling well today, so, I pulled a review I wrote a long time ago for a different blog that never got published. I hope you enjoy it. In the future, I plan on changing the style of them and making the reviews longer, but, for tonight, this will have to do.

The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls

Worth The Read: Yes
Jeannette Walls gives readers a very compelling memoir of growing up with an alcoholic father. Her quick-paced, to the point writing style makes this book a quick read and an "unputdownable."
     She provides readers with an account of what it is like to be always on-the-go with an alcoholic father. It starts off when Walls is three and her family does the "skiddadle" - leaving town in the middle of the night. Her family does this often, moving from place to place, before settling down in Welch. Walls and her siblings quickly hate it and cannot wait until they are able to leave.
     Her father is a constant gambler and drinker while her mother refuses to do work, claiming that everyone is alright. The kids not only don't always have enough money for food, they often don't have money for electricity or running water or any of the other common luxuries that most of us are given.
     I cringed at the starvation that these kids endured, cried when the children are pleading for the drinking to stop, and stood back in awe of the brilliance of Walls and her siblings. I fell in love with this book until I stood back and remembered that it is a true story, and that left utterly heartbroken.

     Overall, I was very impressed with this read.

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