Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Denim Day

Tomorrow is Denim Day, so, I am encouraging everyone to wear jeans.

For a while, I felt like America was moving forward in the name of feminism and working towards helping women. Now I feel like there is a constant war against women and Denim Day is as important as ever.

If you don't know, Denim Day was started because a woman in Italy was told her jeans were too tight and, therefore, the man who raped her couldn't get in trouble. She was too enticing. While wearing jeans. So, wear tight jeans if you think women should be able to wear whatever they want without fear of being raped. If you don't think that, don't read my blog.

Here is why it is more important than ever:

Companies can deny insurance for people on birth control because of religious freedom. Forget that some women take it for hormonal balance, health reasons, etc. They believe it's unethical, so, they believe women employed for them should just suffer through those problems.

Purvi Patel. If you don't know who that is, I encourage you to look her up. She was just sentenced to prison for 20 years from what was most likely a miscarriage. They termed it "feticide" even though there wasn't enough evidence to actually convict her of it. The state of Indiana gave that woman 20 years when what she really needs is a hug. Losing a baby is hard. Mentally. Physically.
Indiana was the first state to convict a woman for this. So, basically, our country just convicted a woman for losing a child. Last time I checked my clock, time seemed to be moving forward, not backward.

Last week, Washington DC lawmakers passed a bill (that Congress and others will hopefully shoot down) that would allow employers to fire pregnant women because of, you guessed it, "religious freedom." If a woman gets pregnant out of wedlock, they can can her. If a women is having trouble getting pregnant and she gets pregnant through IVF, they can get rid of her because it goes against the natural way of conceiving a baby.

The War on Women is real, folks. These are just a few examples. Please wear denim tomorrow, not just to show your support for rape survivors, but to show your support for women and their freedoms everywhere.

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